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Value.  We talk about it all the time. But can we actually describe it in a sentence? That is actually rather hard to do. Value is in the same family…

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Copywriting – Content

Copywriting – Content – the interchangeable terms. Wrong! Two entirely separate endeavors and the confusion about that has hurt businesses bottom-lines forever.  Content is a broader term. It describes the…

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The Sell

I finally convinced him to buy Nope. We can’t cajole, jolly-along, use force-of-will, logic, or brilliantly convince anyone of anything. Ever. You can honestly, transparently, and simply describe your product…

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Across the marketing universe there is one superpower. There is “one ring to rule them all.” It’s not a giant mystery excavated from the pits of antiquity. It’s not a…

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Before and After

Before and after A huge trend in marketing forever. Weight loss, wardrobe, and hair are all classic examples of the before and after call-to-action. We can also use the before…

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Your email list is GOLD

The cavalier attitude we have about “good-will” when we are marketing is frightening. The amount of time spent trying to form the thinnest of “relationships” with our clients and potential…

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