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Guidelines, Procedures, and Rules, Oh My

By September 18, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

Easy on us…

…hell for our clients.

It is an epidemic. Companies that institute guidelines, procedures, and rules for how they do business. It is almost always to make their life easier and to Hades with any inconvenience for their customers.

Seth Godin mentioned having to crawl on the floor to get a serial number, in size 001 font, on his stove while talking to tech support. 

Every phone call to a business starts with the obligatory “higher than normal volume” disclaimer to account for the long wait coming. 

Are they:

  • too cheap to hire enough people
  • too blind to never discover they have a volume problem 
  • or could it be a ploy and there really is no volume problem at all?

How about having to enter your account into the phone, for your convivence and safety, and then having to repeat it multiple times to the various “experts” trying to solve your issue.

Everyone agrees it is silly, but their systems do not “talk” to each other. 

So, we arrive at another brick in the wall of disgust for the companies we deal with. 

I am a professional copywriter, so why do I care? 

Well, over and above my own personal cornucopia of customer interaction horror stories, I help companies communicate:

  1. Reasonableness
  2. Clarity
  3. Simplicity
  4. Caring

These attributes must not only be built into operations, but they need to be communicated in every piece of copy your company uses.

Do you really believe that people will contact you if your sales letters are confusing?

Do you really believe that people will buy from you if they don’t believe you actually understand their particular problem and articulate it well?

Do you really believe you cat trainer’s writing side hustle is going to get you world-class copywriting that will explode your bottom-line revenue?

So, before you let unqualified people loose on your precious business perhaps learn a little about spotting great copy. 

A little knowledge could save you from disaster.

Subscribe to my 5-day “Recognizing Great Copy” email program and learn to spot well-crafted copywriting.

P.S  I won’t try and sell you anything for at least 30 days.


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