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Your email list is GOLD

By September 17, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

The cavalier attitude we have about “good-will” when we are marketing is frightening.

The amount of time spent trying to form the thinnest of “relationships” with our clients and potential clients is gigantic. 

We fight to get people on our email lists. We sweat over how we can give them the information they need to eventually do business with us.


…we throw it all away with a spammy, “can you help me get 500 likes on Instagram” email that offends 90% of our list.

In an instant we have undone all the good work we have invested.

In an instant we are now lumped with 99% of the Internet rouges.

In an instant we have decimated our email list.

Your email list is GOLD.

Every person on it is unique, with their own needs, and their own reasons for being on your list. A general, asking a favor, valueless request from you is a slap in each individual’s face.

Why, oh why do we do it?

  1. Laziness, it is hard to write individual messages
  2. Falling for the hype, scalability is the only path to riches  (balderdash)
  3. Anything I write is pure genius.

Point number 3 leads me directly to my point number 1.

Writing is easy. Great writing is very hard. Copywriting is harder than both.

Copywriting is based on a single goal. It is to generate actual revenue for your business. It can be a direct sales offer, a lead generation shot, or anything else directly related to your bottom-line.

It takes hard work, experience, and an incredible focus to become a world-class copywriter.

So, before you let your sister, niece, or Uber driver’s cousin loose on your precious email list, stop.

At least learn a little about spotting great copy. A little knowledge could save you from disaster.

Subscribe to my 5-day “Recognizing Great Copy” email program and learn to spot well-crafted copywriting.

P.S  I won’t try and sell you anything for at least 30 days.


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