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I am looking for clients. You don’t care. You don’t know me. You don’t know my skills. We have no relationship or established trust. I am a pimple on the…

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No. Do you have the gumption to say no? Rent is due, the baby is hungry, and they just turned off the heat. Suddenly, the phone rings, and a client…

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Decision Tree

Let’s use a modified Decision Tree. A fancy term for defining the actual root cause of our marketing problem. We are not worried about the symptoms at this time, only…

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A new vendor?

There are two fundamental questions we ask when thinking of working with a new vendor. 1. Do I trust that they understand my actual problem? 2. Will we be a…

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It takes hours

It takes hours.  Hours and hours and hours of learning, grinding, frustration, poor results, and effort.  Oh, Lord… …the time invested is the killer.  You start a business. You set…

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Time Suck

Time Suck We are all victims The day begins with promise and hope. We roll out of bed with our to-do list, determined that today is the day we get…

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Congratulations! You just officially uploaded number 10,000. 10,000 social media posts, emails, engagement responses, blog updates, in-bound content pieces, and general outreach pieces recommended by the gurus. The results? Epic…

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