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Brand Strategy

By October 27, 2021November 5th, 2021No Comments

Your brand strategy is the foundation of your business. Period.

Your company story, your ethos, values, and company culture must resonate with a specific audience for you to succeed.

How do I build my brand story?

First, determine the correct way to trumpet your story to like-minded “Tribe” members (thanks Seth Godin.)

Those are people that relate to your journey, story, and become advocates for you instead of clients only. These are the people that will tell their friends, family, all and sundry why your company is so great.

Most of the work communicating your story is done with copywriting. If it is not world-class, professional, and compelling, your chances of success are basically nil.

You don’t need us to critique everything you have done, nor change everything you are doing just for the sake of looking like the “smartest people in the room.” You need us to refine what you are doing towards the goal of increasing revenue.

The strategy is to find copy injection points to help what you are doing become more efficient and potentially more engaging.


Your story is your single biggest differentiator from your competition. Humans are hardwired to engage with, listen to, and begin to trust stories.

You have a brand story that must be developed, beginning on an emotional level that resonates with potential clients.

You are not selling to everyone, you are selling to someone. Laser-focused copy will allow you to engage with the actual audience you need.

Not rocket surgery but incredibly important.

Digital marketing is a vast topic. Our focus is on the development of your brand story on a human level. In the last few years there has been a seismic shift in marketing focus, it all comes down to your story, values, and company culture resonating with a minimum viable marketplace…

…People are defaulting to companies they share values with.

Toms shoes is a perfect example. They have become a billion-dollar company because of their values and story, not because their shoes are outstanding compared to their competitors.

They have “advocates” not just clients. They resonate on an emotional level with their customers and that is imperative these days.

So, the goal is refining what you are doing now, uncovering and disseminating your brand story, and resonating with like-minded folks to become. your advocates.

DM me to discuss refining and communicating your brand story.

The ‘WHY” you exist is more important than what you provide.

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