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A new vendor?

By October 14, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

There are two fundamental questions we ask when thinking of working with a new vendor.

1. Do I trust that they understand my actual problem?
2. Will we be a “fit”?

What exactly is a “fit”?

We believe that our new partner’s company culture, values, ethos, and practices fit into our view of the world. We want to do business with companies and people we feel a bond with.

§ Do they have the same worldview as we do?
§ Are they sensitive to our feelings on how to do business ethically?
§ Is the tone of their writing/communication agreeable to us?

Once we determine we are simpatico in our view then we can move on to the other question…

…do they understand MY actual problem?

Can they help me determine what my problem really is at its core?

What am I actually selling and why?

I am not selling cabbage. I am selling hearty nutrition to feed my family. I am selling health and well-being, not a commodity.

The ability to ask quality questions that force clients to really examine how, why, and what they sell is the number one skill a marketing company must possess.

I have refined that skill over 25 years of direct marketing both online and off. My superpower is in uncovering your core reason for being and discovering your brand story.

Once you brand story is crystallized, I find out where your like-minded, potential clients hang out and meet them there. I am looking for your “clan” members. People that think like you do and will relate to your brand story.

How do we begin to determine if we are a “fit”?

Let’s talk for a moment and see if we are a fit to work together.

I will attempt to sell you my services but not on this call.



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