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Decision Tree

By October 15, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

Let’s use a modified Decision Tree.

A fancy term for defining the actual root cause of our marketing problem.

We are not worried about the symptoms at this time, only the underlying, actual cause of the marketing problem you are facing.


Not enough leads, therefore, not enough revenue.

What is the cause?

Lousy offer?
Bad targeting?
Lousy communications?
Slow response time?
Lousy content?
All of the above?

So, we can’t pick all of the above because we are trying to refine it down to the ONE real problem you are facing.

Can we agree on the following premise?

No matter how well we target, how great the offer is, how we try to communicate it, that

Lousy Content is the base of all your marketing issues.

A great offer, sent to the perfect demographic, on the perfect platform, at light speed, will still get no response if you have lousy content.

People will ignore it, scroll down, go watch TV, anything other than engage with you.

How do we fix this specific problem killing your revenue stream?

World-class copywriting to publish world-class content.

Can you do it?

Almost certainly, you cannot. (No time, no training, etc.)

But, I can.

I am a copywriter with 20 years experience helping clients maximize their bottom-line results.

All they care about is increased revenue, all I care about is increased revenue. We are a fit.

Let’s talk for a moment and see if you and I are a fit to work together.

I will attempt to sell you my services but not on our first exploration.

DM me, today.

This exploration will take less time than trying to write your next social media post.




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