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Do you have the gumption to say no?

Rent is due, the baby is hungry, and they just turned off the heat.

Suddenly, the phone rings, and a client says I need this, NOW.

You know it is NOT what he needs and will waste your time and his…

…the baby cries.

Will you say no, risk the job, and try to help him discover the more potentially worthwhile path?

(One more baby cry and I would probably take the job.)

But, the right answer is to say no. Why?

It maintains your ethics.
It maintains their trust in you. (even if what you say makes them mad)
It helps keep the client long-term.

The risk to your continued success is too high a. price to pay (let’s assume the in-laws arrived with baby food.)

My business has grown more from a polite NO than from any other marketing tactic spouted out by the so-called gurus of magical knowledge.

I am a copywriter. I have been doing it for 20 years and I am good at it. Taking all that time to train, refine my craft, and learn, learn, learn, affords me the luxury of working with clients I enjoy.

My number one gift is my ability to establish trust with my clients. They know they will get the unvarnished truth from me and my blood, sweat, and tears.

DM me if you are looking for a professional copywriter that will say NO if he must to ensure you get the most effective, bottom-line results.

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