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Black or White?

By September 16, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

Black or White?

Two options only. Yes or no? Yeh or nay? 

Cold, hard, punishing, nausea inducing fact.

Is your sales copy increasing revenue?

How are you measuring it? Scientifically? Unequivocally? Precisely?

The bosom of ambiguity is a soft, warming, comforting place to reside. It’s touchy-feely sirens call is hard to ignore. 


…you hit the rocks. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald becomes the story of you business. The most terrible part is you knew. Deep down, where the roots of reality intersect with your consciousness, you knew.

Professional, engaging, compelling copywriting might have saved you, or maybe, still could.

Interested in a life-jacket?

DM me.

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