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Before and After

By September 19, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

Before and after

A huge trend in marketing forever.

Weight loss, wardrobe, and hair are all classic examples of the before and after call-to-action.

We can also use the before and after when discussing your marketing efforts. 

Is your copy:

  • Simple
  • Compelling
  • Targeted

Or is it jargon-filled, convoluted, with no call-to-action?

Here is an example of convoluted copy about programmatic ad buying online:

Programmatic is used to refer to tasks that can be done in an automated way (using such programs), especially as opposed to tasks that have to be done manually (by a person). Program is a common word that has many other meanings, and programmatic can also refer to anything involving or using a plan.

Here is what I would write: 

It is a way to buy ads without talking to people directly.

Which one speaks to you?

Writing copy is all about simplicity. I need you to understand what I am saying immediately.

There is no place for jargon, showing how smart you are, or the breadth of your vocabulary.

  • You want people to believe you can fix their problem (because you can.)
  • You want people to trust you on a business and personal level.
  • This trust can only be developed over time, with unending clarity, and proof that you can do what you say you can do.

My secret weapon is copywriting. 

Copywriting is based on a single goal. It is to generate actual revenue for your business. It can be a direct sales offer, a lead generation shot, or anything else directly related to your bottom-line.

It takes hard work, experience, and an incredible focus to become a world-class copywriter.

So, before you let your sister, niece, or Uber driver’s cousin loose on your precious email list, stop.

At least learn a little about spotting great copy. A little knowledge could save you from disaster.

Subscribe to my 5-day “Recognizing Great Copy” email program and learn to spot well-crafted copywriting.

P.S  I won’t try and sell you anything for at least 30 days.

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