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The Sell

By September 22, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

I finally convinced him to buy


We can’t cajole, jolly-along, use force-of-will, logic, or brilliantly convince anyone of anything.


You can honestly, transparently, and simply describe your product or service.
You can explain how well you understand their problem in a compelling way.
You can then bring the interaction to a head with a simple “shall we move forward” question.

But, you cannot convince anyone to do anything with your brilliance.

One powerful way to begin the process is with compelling copy.

Copywriting cuts across all marketing mediums. Videos need scripts, sites need pages, social needs posts, etc.

Having a professional copywriter at your service will increase your chances of marketing/sales success.

We all agree that world-class copy performs better than amateur attempts. Your nephew cannot match the quality of content provided by someone trained, fanatical, and entrenched in the world of copy.

So, the questions this begs are twofold:

Can I afford to hire a professional like me?
How can I spot the quality of the copy if I am not a writer?

The answer to question one is simple math.

The cost of the writer must be less than the profit their sales copy brings in. This is a simple equation and easy to track. There is no wiggle room, no grey area, and this figure will determine the future of the relationship.

The answer to question two is also simple.

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P.S I won’t try and sell you anything for at least 30 days.

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