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But I am different!

By September 21, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

But I am different!

My product, service, offering is not like the others.

Sure, they all offer the same thing as me, but mine is better by far.

Have your competitors ever said any of these?

  • Rock-bottom pricing. We will not be undersold.
  • Our service is the best. We will not be out-serviced.
  • Quality is the top in the business. We will not be “out-qualitied.”
  • Delivery is superb. We will not be out-delivered.

Now, have you made the exact same claims…

…over and over again?

Who should I believe?

You all look good on the Internet. You all have testimonials that say you rock. You all have pretty pictures. 

Seems like an enie-menie-minie-mo crapshoot at best. So how can you actually standout?

2 things:

  1. Your individual brand story. (How you got where you are and the reason you exist.)
  2. Your copywriting. 

The problem is you are not a copywriter. You have not put in the years of work, training, education, and trial and error. 

One of the main issues company owners face is recognizing great copy when it is put in front of them. Since they cannot produce fantastic copy themselves, how can they be expected to recognize it?

Great question…

…and one you can answer after reading my FREE 5-day copywriting email program.

If you want to access my experience as a top-line copywriter subscribe to my program today.

P.S. I won’t try and sell you something for at least 30 days.


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