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We talk about it all the time. But can we actually describe it in a sentence?

That is actually rather hard to do. Value is in the same family as quality. Really hard to define but you know it when you see it.

How do you value your professionals? Is it basic math? I pay him X and I can trace Y revenue back to him, so he is valuable.

I enjoy working with her and feel like she is doing a good job, although I can’t measure it, she adds value.

We have been working together for 5 years and that habit adds value to me.

There are many ways to figure out the “value” your consultants, vendors, and coaches add value to your life except…

…when it comes to copywriting.

Then value can only be measured in one way, and that is success vs. failure. There is no subjectivity. There is nowhere to hide.

My copywriter wrote an email shot I sent out to drum up business. It cost me 5,000.00 for their expertise and a laser-focused, well written, professional sales letter.

The letter brought me 7 clients and each client is worth 900.00 dollars to me in Lifetime Value.

Now the math is simple to calculate.

The return on investment is simple to determine.

The value is plain to see, without emotion, nuance, complexity, or any grey area.

$5,000.00 earned me more than $5,000.00. 

It could not be simpler. It could not be clearer. 

Investing in a copywriting pro made you money. So it’s probably wise to do it again…

…And again

Tired of no results?

DM this pro and let’s talk math.


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