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Human sized bats…

By September 24, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

Human sized bats…

…crazed with blood lust.

Don’t exist!!!!

HA, my job is to get you to read beyond the headline. 

Done, so success is mine. Or is it?

Unethical, underhanded, sneaky, clickbait copywriting can initially feel successful and even powerful.


…Does it equate to actual money in the bank?

Generally not, and in the long term definitely not. For actual success your copy must be based on honesty, truth, and actual value.

Getting people to engage with you via the written word has become more and more difficult. A Tsunami of information assaults people everyday. They are inured to clickbait, overwhelmed with fake news, and ground down from the sheer volume of noise.

You have tried your best to break through with your website, social media posts, and blogs, but with limited or no success. Adding value, giving free advice, sending whitepapers, and offering seminars have all fallen flat. 

Why is that?

  1. Everyone else is doing it
  2. Everyone else is doing it poorly as well

Direct, engaging, compelling, writing is a skill. It is a craft to be honed. It is different from writing a novel, an article, or a top-ten list.

The odds are you are not a great copywriter…

…nor are you likely to become one.

Copywriting is my job. I understand the kind of copy you need because I eat, drink, and breath my clients copy until it produces results.

DM me when you are tired of spinning your wheels.


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