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Across the marketing universe there is one superpower. There is “one ring to rule them all.” It’s not a giant mystery excavated from the pits of antiquity. It’s not a…

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Before and After

Before and after A huge trend in marketing forever. Weight loss, wardrobe, and hair are all classic examples of the before and after call-to-action. We can also use the before…

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Your email list is GOLD

The cavalier attitude we have about “good-will” when we are marketing is frightening. The amount of time spent trying to form the thinnest of “relationships” with our clients and potential…

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Black or White?

Black or White? Two options only. Yes or no? Yeh or nay?  Cold, hard, punishing, nausea inducing fact. Is your sales copy increasing revenue? How are you measuring it? Scientifically?…

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The Question

It is not how you frame the question that is important. The value in any question, especially a sales oriented question… …is you understanding the problem that led to the…

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Business is hard. Owning your own business is hard. Keeping up with all the demands of your business is hard. The premise: It is impossible to pick the highest priority,…

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We Run From Pain.

That is in our DNA. That is how we survived as a species. That is our first response. That primitive reaction is powerful, compelling and almost impossible to overcome in…

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Spinning Your Wheels

Congratulations! You just officially uploaded number 10,000. 10,000 social media posts, emails, engagement responses, blog updates, in-bound content pieces, and general outreach pieces recommended by the gurus. The results? Epic…

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