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We Run From Pain.

By September 13, 2021October 30th, 2021No Comments

That is in our DNA. That is how we survived as a species. That is our first response.
That primitive reaction is powerful, compelling and almost impossible to overcome in the

Reasoning won’t beat it. Logic won’t beat it. Willpower won’t beat it, not initially at least.
Do you believe that a pain you experience in your business is any different? Most run, hide,
maintain the status quo, and avoid the potential greater pain of solving the issue.
When your body hurts and the normal medical resources don’t help you seek a specialist.
Our specialty is copy/content.

First we must all agree on one single point…
…lousy copy is costing you money. Period. (If you don’t believe that, no use reading on.)
Writing direct, no bull, EFFECTIVE content is a skill. Anyone can take the time and learn to do it.
But, it does take time and dedication to get good at it.

The question is …
.. do you have the time to become a solid content creator while running your business at the
same time?

If not, DM me to learn more.

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