Video Marketing

Why video?

Transparency: people see who you really are. People see what your business looks like and how it operates.

People see your authentic self. Even in this cold digital age we still want to buy from friends, acquaintances and trusted sources. Everyone has been affected or knows someone affected by digital scams. We are jaded, guarded and cynical. An authentic video helps overcome this prevalent mindset. It helps people discover the real you, the real way you can help them overcome their problems, and how that process might look.

The Power of Video

The power of video is its ability to show the truth and above all
transfer emotion to your viewer. People buy on emotion first
and justify the purchase with logic afterwards. Video uses sight and sound to help add strength to your words. It helps people believe what you are saying and increases engagement with potential clients. The simple fact is that video is 1200 times more likely to be shared with friends than text and images combined.

That is the power of emotion.

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80% of conversations generated online by the end of the year
will be video but only 30% of businesses take advantage of it.

Use your video as a 24/7 answering machine.

FAQ’s can be answered automatically leaving you time to work on other aspects of your business. Using video testimonials increases your “social proof” about the veracity of your offers. We look for non-company based information to help make purchasing decisions. Video is a simple, powerful communication tool that is taking over digital marketing.

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Make it work for you

Production Process

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Your video will be produced from soup to nuts with your input and control of the final edit. We meet with you and do an in-depth analysis of your present marketing campaigns (including videos) and gather your experiences (good or bad.) The purpose of this audit is to garner your present results and define success metrics for your new video.

Our copywriting team then produces a storyboard (visual representation of the shots needed) along with a script. Once you approve those we go on to logistics. We will schedule the times needed to take the actual shots, location scouting, and B-roll (interesting side shots) needed for success.

Our three man team then comes out to shoot the raw footage and bring it back to the post team. They will edit the raw footage into a cohesive, professional video adding voice overs or music, etc. The results are delivered to you for final approval and any final production changes needed. Finally we will help show you best distribution strategies for your site, ads and social media dispersal.

Even the most perfect of videos are of no value if nobody sees them!