We have met some amazing people through our sessions and these are just a few that had some inspiring words to say about our work.


Prior to working with Direct Ad Factory, I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of all the different marketing tasks I was trying to accomplish as part of running our company. I don’t have to spend hours anymore searching for a visual and composing the accompanying text, or doubting whether it was even good work that I was doing. I don’t have to feel bad because I didn’t have time or didn’t remember creating a post on Facebook. All our marketing – ads, social media posts, newsletters, mail-outs, trade show booths, signage - is designed by professionals now. Nowadays we are much more present on social media with significantly increased engagement. All communication has been very productive and it is always great to see what ideas they have up their sleeves. Working with Direct Ad Factory gives me peace of mind and lets me focus on what I do best, while letting them work on what they do best.

Martina GroegerStonewrights

Their services are exceptional and have been so helpful during these times. I really thought my business was lost, but with your help, it's re-branded and without the extra bologna.
Thank you.

Heather ArmstrongScotia Music

Just wanted to send along a quick email to thank each of your team members for hosting the Brainstorming session today that the Chamber took part in. This session brought together a diverse group of business owners and operators that have been joined collectively by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their organizations may differ but their one common issue is what will the new normal will look like and how will my business exist in this new world. Many of those involved are facing something never before seen and hopefully will survive through groups like yours that take the time and make each stop and reflect on the grass roots of what has made each successful and share that knowledge with others experiencing the same crisis. Well done and the Chamber hopes that every organization takes the time to “brainstorm” with you and get better coping tools so that their business life with survive and thrive when the world regains composure once again.

Dan HennesseyExecutive Director, Bridgewater Area Chamber of Commerce

I can truly say that Direct Ad Factory is a small marketing agency that delivers big results. I have been working with them for over 6 months during which they have proven over and over with their "think out of the box" mentality. Furthermore, Brian's unique sense of humour, makes our collaboration fun and delightful! Thanks, guys. Keep up the great work!

Sandrine GressardFounder, Girls Go Fly