Why Do 70% of all Companies FAIL within 10 Years?

How can you ensure you are in the successful 30%?

One indicator of long-term business success…

…An active Brand Strategy Plan.

  • Instantly improve your chances of survival
  • Increase leads, sales, customer loyalty, and revenue

Instantly become relevant to your target market

Brand Strategy

Many have heard of Brand, branding, marketing, brand identity, brand image, and brand strategy. Many think they are one and the same.

Nothing is further from the truth. And, the truth shall set you up for success.

What is Brand Strategy Exactly and Why Would I Care?

Without a coherent Brand Strategy Plan, you are in danger of missing opportunities, revenue, and building customer loyalty.

In simple terms, Brand Strategy communicates how people perceive your Brand, what problem it solves for them, and how it improves their lives.

Branding God, Marty Neumeier said it best:

“Your Brand is the gut-feeling your customers have about you.”  Your Brand is not what YOU say it is. Your Brand is what THEY say it is

The keys to your Brand Strategy planning are:


  • Determining WHO your customers are.
  • What is your customer’s biggest problem?


  • Does our offer solve that EXACT problem?


  • Can we communicate that position to our target demographic?
  • Will they BELIVE you?

Start your Brand Strategy Audit Today

Brand Strategy Workshops:

4 or 8 hour intensive workshop with founders and the c-team available that day

(It is imperative to have top-level buy-in, otherwise there is no value to the workshop.)

The time is spent with focused exercise developed specifically to draw out your company values, position, and best client target market.



Start your Brand Strategy Audit Today

The time is spent with focused exercise developed specifically to draw out your company values, position, and best client target market.



A coherent framework surrounding your Brand with the simple goal of increasing your bottom line.


  • Vision statement– ultimate aspiration going out for 5 years and beyond
  • Mission statement – do all your clients and employees know yours?
  • Core Purpose – Why – over and above your service or product?
  • Positioning strategy – where are you in the overall picture?
  • Core audience Avatar – how do people see you and your company?
  • Core goal for the company – what would the company obituary say 25 years from now?
  • Identity strategy – review of your present package, is it in line with your messaging


At the end of the day, you will have a framework to increase your:

  • Salience (distinct visibility in the marketplace)
  • Top-of-Mind Positioning in your client’s awareness
  • Ability to communicate your “PURPOSE” driven marketing and begin building unshakeable brand loyalty.
  • Ability to set specific goals and use that to set your decision tree
  • Revenue, Leads, and $ales

Start your Brand Strategy Audit Today


Our success allows us to make this iron-clad guarantee:

If you find no value to the process after the first hour you can request your money back

So, you can increase your chance of being one of the 30% whose business survives with ZERO risk.

What could be fairer than that?