One Man. One Pen.
One Obsession…

…for stories. In grade 3 my reading skills test scores were off the chart. In 6th grade, a teacher accused me of plagiarizing my original short story about a horse.

I have loved reading and writing since childhood. Television and movies became my passion as well. I hated anything predictable in the story arc of a show or book. David E. Kelly became my script hero as he consistently fooled me show after show.

I took a turn to the dark side and became a digital marketing maven. Writing copy for ads, websites, and Social Media took over my days.

The funny thing was that storytelling was as important to businesses as it was to entertainment. Storytelling became my canvas.

In today’s digital world storytelling has become vitally important. Working with other obsessed people, we have elevated the art of storytelling online.

Trust your vision.

Follow the path you carve out.

Put your heart into everything you do.

That is my story.





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Integration into custom booking pages, calendars or other services such as Facebook are all options we help to implement.

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